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中国选矿药剂网客户隐私保护条款China Beneficiation Reagent Network Customer Privacy Protection Clause
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   一、 访问者在本网站注册时提供的一些个人资料,本网站除您本人同意及第二条规定外不会将用户的任何资料以任何方式泄露给任何一方。

   二、 当政府部门、司法机关等依照法定程序要求本网站披露个人资料时,本网站将根据执法单位之要求或为公共安全之目的提供个人资料。在此情况下之任何披露,本网站均得免责。

   三、 由于用户将个人密码告知他人或与他人共享注册账户,由此导致的任何个人资料泄露,本网站不负任何责任。


1. The website will not disclose any personal data to any party in any way while visitors registered, except as agreed by visitors and provided in clause 2.

2. When government departments, judicial authorities, etc. require this website to disclose personal information in accordance with legal procedures, this website will provide personal information at the request of law enforcement department or for public safety purposes. This website is not liable for any disclosure under such circumstances.

3. This website is not responsible for any disclosure o of personal information caused by the user's personal password disclosure to others or the sharing of registered accounts with others.

4. The final interpretation of the above clause belongs to www.chnxkyj.cn, China Beneficiation Reagent Network .com and China Beneficiation Reagent Network .Net. Contact number: 13033348750



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