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JJ-GFC型 浸金矿石溶解剂 JJ-GFC Type leaching gold ore dissolve reagent
主要用于各地质的金矿石。This product is mainly used for all kinds of tectonics gold ore.
¥ 21000元/吨 21000¥/ton

产品规格:25kg/编织袋 25kg/woven bag


       JJ-GFC Type Leaching Gold Ore Dissolve Reagent

Molecular formulate:Rn=[GA+COOH]

Molecular weight:about 241.15

Coincidence: Q/L YCM005-2010

Rn=[GA+COOH] average content not less than 98%

Specification:this product is mainly use to all kinds of tectonics gold ore. Especially it has oxidized resolve effect to gold concentrate ore powder, which include ammonium ethylanthate,ammonium aerofloat , butyl xanthate, butyl aerofloat, No.2 oil and so on. This product include organic carboxylic acid (R-COOH) group can precipitate mercury, lead, zinc, sulphur,arsenic, antimony elements, no deactivated influence of gold and sliver dissolve. This product can produce neogenic oxygen and improve gold and sliver dissolve rate and replace effect. Dosage: 50-100g blended with cyanide. This product is the latest product in 2000.


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