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JJ-QA型 促金剂 JJ-QA Typle Gold Promoter
本产品主要用于微细浸染型(如黄色、红色泥质混合岩)的氧化金矿石上。 This product is mainly use to minute-immersion type(such as yellow, red pelitic migmatite) gold oxide ore.
¥ 29500元/吨 29500¥/ton
200kg/塑桶 200kg/plastic drum

产品规格:200kg/塑桶 200kg/plastic drum



Properties:maroon aromatic liquid, soluble in water. This product is a kind of organic bromide with new type SDM, it can oxide and melt gold. It’s also a promoter that up the rate of cyanide  dissolve gold.

Chemical technical index

Bromide(%)≥96  cyanide(%)≤0.10 aluminum-salt(%)≥0.2

The rate of cyanide dissolve gold(according to 1.0% bromo- hydrogen group) ≥167.3-272.1mg/cm².h

Range of usage:

This product is mainly use to minute-immersion type(such as yellow, red pelitic migmatite) gold oxide ore.it’s special chemical principle: it will form a bromo- hydrogen group cation activator membrane on the surface gold atom during cyanide process, added more molecular number of CN and Ο₂ , accelerate gold electrodissolution, reduce the disturbance of copper, zinc, manganese, antimony, arsenic and mercury in ore, urge the unstable Gold cyanide complex ion AU (CN) in ore catalyzed by bromo- hydrogen group and convert into stable earth metal-Gold cyanide complex compound ion M ⁿ﹢【AU(CN)₂】﹣,which avail absorbent absorb and zinc wire replace. And thus make tho total recovery rate of gold and sliver up to 85-95%. Actual usage: (1) While absorbent absorb gold or, PH value ≥7.5-11, temperature range:12℃-25℃, dosage:50ml-100ml/T. (2) While replaced by zinc wire, temperature range:17.5℃-40℃, PH value≥8.5-12.5, dosage:75ml-150ml/T.  The above methods just for reference.


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